Monday, February 8, 2010

February 6, 2010 Rocking Chair Meditation

I love rocking chairs. I guess I was rocked in one as a baby by my mom. And I rocked in them on my Mamaw's porch. I had my own child-sized rocking chair when I was a little girl. I love the gentle back and forth motion and the calm it brings.

I have rocked lots of babies in rocking chairs--my cousins: Matthew and Andrew, kids I used to babysit: Frank, Madeleine, Grace, Alexandra, Niccolo, Natalie, Lee, Henry, Edie, Brooklyn, Parker, Patrick, Peyton, and Lindy's kids--Hallie Grace, Luke, and Eli. And I have Baby Girl Hamner to look forward to rocking this summer.

This rocking chair at Camp McDowell reminds me of the gentleness, the calmness, and the repetition that rocking provides. It's almost like being hugged in the arms of God. There is just a sense of comfort there.

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