Saturday, January 23, 2010

UWA Sign--Jan. 22, 2010

I went on a short walk today from my office to the Dollar General Store to pick up some snacks and a Diet Coke. As I came out, I saw the UWA banner strikingly red against the brick of the downtown building with the spindly trees and blue, blue sky. After I downloaded the picture, I also took note of the architectural details on the building and that I got the dome of the Sumter County Courthouse, too.

I was happy that I had my camera with me and got it out to snap this shot. Having my camera with me is truly making me a better photographer and I am noticing things that I have been by a million times before. It's a good thing to be paying attention to more of the details of life. Many times I whiz by and miss too much of the important stuff.

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